December 18, 2010

The g2k Syndrome

This is really serious!

The other day, I was checking out some 1994 movie on IMDB and thought, “1994 – that’s fairly recent”. Ten seconds later, I recoiled in horror after I realized that the movie is 16 years old and Meg Ryan is now past menopause! This other time, I was reading about Claudia Schiffer where she was mentioned as an icon of last century’s fashion which got me thinking “Since when did Claudia Schiffer belong to the 1800s?” Again it took me a good 10 seconds to realize that by last century they meant the 1990s! These are by no means isolated incidents.

It is almost the end of 2010 but arithmentally, (a word that I just invented) it still feels something close to the year 2000 especially when calculating how old someone/something is! Does this happen to you? When I say 1997, do you perceive it as fairly recent or 13 years back or both? If you feel it is “fairly recent”, then you may be suffering from “the g2k syndrome!” You better be alarmed because unlike the Y2K, the g2k is for real!

Other symptoms include selective memory loss, can’t remember birthdays and thinks celebrating New Year is silly! Like most diseases named after awesome people, there is no new cure for g2k’s. However the symptoms can be overcome to an extent by dealing with embarrassing situations with an awesome sense of humor.

Like most other incurable diseases, it is very important to diagnose this early. Also I am very curious to know more about the disease so kindly take a couple of seconds to fill up this form.

As a kid, I always wanted to have a disease named after me and now through a combination of perseverance, procrastination and sucking at math, I have made my dream a reality (suck on that James Parkinson!)
The g2k ribbon -
Twice the size and
half the seriousness

Please spread awareness about this really curious condition by sharing this blog post among your friends via email, twitter, facebook or whatever it takes to make sure everyone knows about this by Christmas! Also keep this G-ribbon image as your facebook profile pic for a week so that everyone knows about MY condition – a condition that even YOU and thousand others are probably suffering silently!