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Jayanth “g2” Tadinada (Telugu: తాడినాడ  జయంతు) (born February 16, 1988) is a blogger, amateur cartoonist, unpublished writer and horrible musician best known for his insanely popular[citation needed] blog gtoosphere and the rage comic gultrage. His work is noted for its complete lack of vision, indiscipline and lazily done illustrations. He is popularly known as “g2” by his friends in Mumbai and on the internet; and as “jeetu” by his family and childhood friends.

Early years

Jayanth Tadinada was born into a Telugu family in Pithapuram in the East Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh at his maternal grandfather’s place. He spent all his childhood and schooling in Rajahmundry, Andhra Pradesh where his father runs a business.

He was born on the auspicious day of Maha Shivaratri. According to urban legends, he was born with a third eye on his forehead like the Great Shiva himself[citation faith needed].

It is also said that great poetry has been written in praise of the great little child but his grandmother, mistaking them for old newspapers, bartered them for a stainless steel glass and the priceless cultural treasures are now lost forever.


Kinder Garten

In 1992, on a quiet autumn evening, g2 while playing his usual pranks at home put a handful of sand in the Idli batter being prepared by his grandmother and mixed it carefully to avoid detection.

The unusually crunchy idlis were not well received by the public to say that least. This angered the women folk in the household so much that they admitted him in the neighborhood Lotus Kinder Garten School that very afternoon -- as punishment!

When he was in UKG, he finished writing the answers in the final exam well before time, got bored and drilled holes into the answer sheet with a sharpened pencil to pass the time because of which he failed in General Science. However, he was promoted because he always had what it takes to be in Class 1.

St Ann's School

In 1994, g2 screwed up the admission interview for the St. Ann’s School in Rajahmundry because he was preoccupied with eating his Coffee Bite toffee. Later, the same day he spelt blue as “bule” for which he blames Coffee Bite’s rather long lasting aftertaste.

Till he was in seventh class, g2 did fairly well in school with straight ‘A’s and A pluses. But his grades started dropping and he hit his worst in eighth class when he scored 42% in math, 42% in physics, 68% in chemistry and 50% in history and since then he was consistently poor in math. It was also during this time, he developed an aptitude for sketching which he has subsequently lost to laziness.  


In 2003, much to the surprise of everyone in his family, his extended family, his friends, and their extended families, g2 got admission in the then-prestigious Ramaiah coaching institute in Hyderabad for IIT-JEE preparation. There he carved a niche for himself among his classmates in Ramaiah with his quick humor, interesting theories, Nobel Prize winning ideas and funny book titles.

Despite the “grind and preparation”, he did not qualify for IIT-JEE in 2005. It was huge blow for him but he faced his early failure with an exemplary display of character and composure. However, some of his friends interpret it as mere shamelessness and “not giving a shit about anything including oneself”


After debacle of IIT-JEE 2005, he went underground to Sri Chaitanya Institute in Vijayawada (a prep school version of Shawshank Prison) where he enjoyed breaking the rules and beating the system. He quickly adapted to the Vijayawada culture and watched every Telugu movie that released in 2005-06 season; ate noodles by the roadside for dinner every Saturday and Sunday; and witnessed caste-based-gulti-movie-hero-worship for the first time in his life.

He considers his stay in Vijayawada a very eventful and important phase in his life as the beginning of the Age of Reason during which he started questioning things in general. He also slept a lot!

IIT Bombay

In 2006, after a memorable time in Vijayawada, g2 secured a surprisingly good All India Rank in IIT-JEE which landed him in back benches of the Computer Science and Engineering department at IIT Bombay.

It is here that he has undergone an immense change in philosophy of life, appearance, political standings, and religious beliefs and a general way of looking at the world. He looks at it as a more self taught thing and "claims" that IIT had nothing to do with it except enabling him to have lots of free time, and an awesome internet connection in his hostel room.

He survived IIT Bombay and graduated in 2011 and has moved to Bangalore to “work” in the software industry.


G2 is one of the major proponents of Liberal Vegetarianism among vegetarians. G2 himself happens to be a vegetarian. But he is not one of those ultra orthodox don’t-touch-anything-that-touched-something-that-may-have-come-into-contact-with-chicken kind of conservative vegetarians. He is in fact, the opposite of that – A left leaning liberal vegetarian who can handle molecular levels of non-vegetarian food in his diet!

G2 was accused of giving hate-speeches against Vegans and Jains who point at a delicious pastry and ask, “Is it eggless?” He believes that anyone who claims that eggless cake is better than normal cake should be hit with eggs whenever possible and urges his followers to do the same.


Early work

He always considered himself good at sketching and doodled very regularly. In his fifth class, he tried his hand at water colors drawing clouds but it did not work out well for him. From time to time, he used to sit for long hours with his friend Ravi Teja and sketch Disney characters and sometimes the whole comic books page to page!

Doodling in the class was always a favorite hobby. It was in the summer of 2008 that g2 started taking his sketching seriously and resolved to draw one sketch/painting/cartoon a week. He did well for a few months but his interest gradually moved towards writing.


Following the advice of a friend, g2 started gtoosphere in 2008 which was initially supposed to be a place to upload a picture or sketch once a week. The sketches were usually accompanied by a small note and gradually, the blog evolved to have more words and fewer pictures.

He also contributes for The NRI. You can find that stuff here: http://www.the-nri.com/index.php/author/jayanth-tadinada/


G2’s mind had been supersaturated with some observations on his own kind ever since his days in Vijayawada and tambrahmrage happened to be the speck of dust that started the crystallization of rage and thus gultrage was born. It was destined for greatness right away. Unfortunately, g2 is too lazy.


G2 is blessed with many a talent. Music, unfortunately, is not one of them. He showed some promise as a kid but anyone who attempted to teach him music had the dubious distinction of running into major league misfortune within a month! An ancient curse is the most rational explanation one can find to explain these weird coincidences.

However, good news is that g2 in recent times, has come into the possession of a guitar (with only 4 strings), a flute and a violin (with all the 4 strings). Like all the great legends of music, he is self taught. His music style, much like Beethoven’s, focuses around capturing the natural sounds that we hear during the course of the day. But Beethoven lived in an era of not much sound pollution. G2 cannot boast of that.

Right now g2's violin can mimic the sound of a ship-wreck, a horse neigh, mosquito, door opening, and door closing on the violin. His rendition of the Larsen Effect (the screech sound of Audio feedback) on the flute is so natural that the neighbors thought that they were hosting an unauthorized late night party and called security!


Flawsophy can be considered as the unofficial editor-in-chief of gtoosphere. Any idea that comes along is tried, tested, reviewed, refined and finally “Tested OK” stamped by flawsophy. A lot of ideas on both sides actually come up during the unusually long conversations and funny conversations that happen every day.

Comedy: George Carlin, Larry David, Jerry Seinfeld, Mullapudi Venkataramana, Woody Allen, Jon Stewart, Scott Adams, Bill Maher and Louis CK pretty much in that order

Comic Strips: Randall Munroe (xkcd), Will Ray Raf (Dog house diaries), Zach Weiner (smbc) and lots more. G2 follows like hundreds of them!

 Other big influences that shaped the way g2 looks at the world: P. Sainath, Noam Chomsky, Joseph Campbell, Nassim Taleb and Medhajananam.


G2 has never won any awards in his life. Not even a third prize in the lemon-in-spoon, spoon-in-mouth, eyes-blind-folded, shoelace-tied-together type races in corporate team building exercises. But g2 doesn’t worry about them too much. He knows that the Law of Averages dictates that a Booker prize or an Academy award nomination is just round the corner to compensate for the dry spell so far.


1. G2 knows ‘coz he lived his life.
2. [citation needed]: any adjective of popular is defined as being popular among at least 20 people.


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