September 22, 2008


Well I was looking at some gallery dedicated to Bapu( ) , a legendary telugu artist, painter, movie director and a lot more and felt like drawing a traditional graceful South Indian woman. Moments later I was just browsing and found some fellow blogger( r.kamal) whose sketch I used as a reference. I started drawing it directly with a ball pen so I couldn't correct those minor mistakes that inevitably creep in. Not really sure if I managed to bring out the grace element :(

P.S: for people who can read telugu only :p

కొంటె బొమ్మల బాపు
కొన్ని తరముల సేపు
గుండె ఊయలలూపు
ఓ కూనలమ్మ


  1. Gulti Post! There is grace but I get a feeling the woman has some problem with her back.

  2. yeah... she needs to slim down a bit.. may be next time ;)

  3. bomma pichekkinchav ga asalu.
    ammai kattila vundi!
    neeku baaga teerika ekkuvaipoyindi!!

  4. dude, you have enuff reason to quit the IIT and look for alternate options (all in good humour)..damn good...!

    ur sketches in ur orkut album were also very good...may be u cud post them here as well..

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  6. looks like bhabhi.. savita bhabhi... ;)

  7. ultimate raa... u r the second best artist i've ever seen... :D

  8. g2 : i saw this post, my first opinion was, its a good try.but you should have some basic courtesy when you are copying someone's work.i think it would have been fair if you'd mention it in your post.

    In a way, i am happy to see my work inspired someone.

  9. i tried to... i couldn't remember your url... i bookmarked your blog somewhere else... that is why I just mentioned a "fellow blogger"... will update it as soon as possible. thanks for the comments


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