October 14, 2008


I miss being bored. Seriously I do miss being bored. I think boredom is healthy and necessary. Boredom is an emotional state experienced during periods of lack of activities or when individuals are uninterested in the activities surrounding them, a detachment from the external world like meditation. It is a time to explore the inner cores of the mind, a time to stop, reflect and rethink our lives. It is during those patches of boredom that we get insights into our life, like the epiphanies of a relationship or a new theory on how the universe was formed, it is a prelude to creativity.

My concern is that we are slowly losing the luxury of boredom because of the anti-boredom gadgets that are always in our pockets. In those precious moments of boredom that we get, we shut all doors to get any insights into life by seriously shuffling through songs in our ipods or playing pacman or tetris in our mobiles(I know people who do this), or refreshing the scrapbook of a social networking site or reading someone's blog. (Let's make just this blog an exception ;))Luckily I am still a student and I do get my healthy dose of boredom in the classes I attend and this happens to be the consequence of it.

P.S: the paper and the scanner didn't quite work as a team. You must have observed it by now.

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  1. wow jeetu, awesome job!!
    u put into words and diagrams what i too have in mind :D

    i know that boredom is a form of hobby too and yup i miss out on a lot of it due to pc games, anime, orkut (social networks, yes :P ) songs....
    seriously, only wen the comp is GAWN can we roll on the bed and think of stuff like how we dont have girl-frnds, how the icecaps of earth are gonna melt, blah blah :P

    nice drawings! i understand the motivation or concept behind each, except for the last one with 2 girls.... whats that about? ;) :P

    guess what, i too draw such pics during classes! :D pen sketches, random and weird


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