December 21, 2008

If the mafia get into the software business...

I was into this Godfather thing once again last week. I watched the first two movies again! I like the third movie a lot but I hate to watch it because it spoils my mood for a full day and this is not the time for a bad mood(It's mood indigo time). I am not sure if the mafia still controls a lot of American drug and casino businesses like they used to, but I am sure their options are only decreasing. The mafia never made it into the huge Internet market.

I started to imagine what it is like being an online Godfather. The first thing would be to make really complicated, absolutely useless, UN-uninstallable software and distribute it for free. For legal reasons, we specify that the software is UN-uninstallable in the terms and conditions(no one reads them anyways). When unsuspecting users install it in their comp, it eats the resources of their computer and they have to pay me to get that software removed from their computers. Now, that's a million dollar idea!

In one round of distribution, I'll wreck havoc in the virtual world and soon, all the big corporations will start paying me insurance against such virtual attacks(which the media fancily dubs as an Ettack). Obviously people will steal my million dollar idea and start to abuse it (It's the Internet; people steal stuff all the time). Then I will be under the moral obligation to protect my clients who pay insurance against similar Ettacks from my duplicates. So, I will start a company which specializes in making anti-Ettack software and install it in all my client computers. Then I will network with all my competitors and enemies, make them offers they can't refuse and merge them into my ever expanding "family". That is how I will become the first ever Internet Godfather. All you Internet underlings shall hereby respect, fear and love me as Don g2 Corleone" ! :p

The theme was zindagi ek safar hai suhana. Clearly I suck and not just with the paint brush :D


  1. Tat was brilliant..nvr assumed it to be like d way it is words to make a comment tats worth for d way u presented...keep it up g2..m sry.."The God Father Online..___Corolene"..


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