January 17, 2009

wanna be Linux user a.k.a Luser

I was curious about Linux ever since I saw it for the first time after coming to IIT. I was curious, not impressed. I didn't really get a chance to play around with it much. I was intrigued by the passion with which linux users hate windows and Microsoft. I am fully aware of the consequences of what I am going to say. Just for the record...
I know I am a Computer Science student.
I know that as a CS student, it is blasphemy to say something like this.
I know this blasphemy might result in me being shunned by my own tribe.
But I have got to let this out.

All I have is this little piece of advice:
If there are any newbies out there planning to try linux Please don't.
I agree it is beautiful but Please don't.
I know it is faster but Please don't.
I admit it is a little masterpiece in itself but please... Please don't.

My bad blood with linux started almost an year back 2 days after I bought my computer. I put ubuntu in it and it just wouldn't play sound. I googled for a weekend to figure out the problem and after a LOT of effort, I managed to get some sound out my speakers but the headphone port still didn't work. Then I tried Fedora and it is even worse! I settled with opensuse which has this real good looking desktop with absolutely no functionality. I ditched and used windows peacefully for nine months and then the linux bug got into me again. Every time I install linux and it doesn't work, I say to myself, "The installation is the tough part, once I install and configure everything, it is a piece of cake. So I better not give up..."

The results of this futile unbreakable resolve summarized:
1. I have installed 7 different operating systems in my comp in the last 1 week and still nothing works the way it is supposed to.
2. A pissed off me blogging about it.

So All ye Linux lovers who say "A world without boundaries doesn’t need Windows or Gates", I have only one thing to say:
sudo apt-get a life :p


  1. Awesome article dude!!! WINdows roxx!

  2. Hail the Linux..........Windows Roxxxxx !!! :P

  3. nice writing :)

    one analogy though..a student of mechanical engineering doesn't become one just by driving a mercedes nor does he move around in his lab tools during the four years(or may be even after that).


  4. Passion with which some linux users hate windows is not merely a geeky publicity of themselves i presume. For the fast exit people it will always remain something that is hyped or whatever. I am not defending linux; windows is great but one takes time to appreciate linux and after giving in that time you start hating or speaking against others, pure human psychology. Its just the patience of all noobs after which the true power of it is disclosed and u attain nirvana!

  5. thnx for the warning...but maybe i will try once and see for myself :)

  6. Why do u think the blame should be put on Linux (ubuntu,fedora, etc).
    Why do u think Linux is responsible for ur troubles.
    Dont u think ur comp's hardware manufacturers cud also be blamed.
    The fight U want to start (:)) is already well fought (& decided, linux is future).

    U say its good,fast,beautiful but then dont use it (inherently contradictory statement).
    Let others experience Linux and let them decide.

  7. I told him not to try this much...but log maante hi nahi hain...and I still use XP and it rocks big time for me..though am n ubuntu fan.. and I know one more thing..Windows 7 is gonna be a complete killer..So Ubuntu beware..Windows wud be back to itself!

    the Legacy of windows is gonna continue..

  8. f*** u g2!
    Throw your box into dustbin and buy yourself a new one...
    Ubuntu roxx!!

  9. @ the previous guy
    Why should G2 throw his box into the dustbin as windows XP works flawlessly, without any complaints. Get it to work on his box and then say "ubuntu rox" :p

    @ dinesh
    "Dont u think ur comp's hardware manufacturers cud also be blamed."
    Well... I don't think so. When XP can run smoothly without any rants on the same hardware, why not LINUX?

    PS: I've been trying hard for a working install of LINUX (tried all flavors) since 2004 and I'm still trying. Dinesh, I'd be grateful if you could help me out!

  10. I realize that I am tardy to this party by about a year, but I have to say... as an IT professional, myself, I tend to agree with you.

    Now, let it be known that I, too, am a Microsoft hater. I hate the way it attempts to crush its competition by illegal means. I hate the unstable, security nightmares that they pass off for operating systems. But what I hate more is an operating system that works unreliably from one hardware configuration to another, just as Linux does. You experienced this problem, first hand. Each distro you installed gave you a unique issue. Windows gives pretty consistent problems, regardless your hardware. This is actually a GOOD thing, because it makes the problem easier to correct!

    Now, I am not writing Linux off, for good. In fact, I am impressed with the way Linux has matured over the past decade. However, Windows has also matured. Until Linux becomes a polished, reliable platform, I will continue to use Windows.

    Good, honest observations on your part. So, from this IT pro, I give you kudos.


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