March 18, 2009

PAF claims 6 more lives in IIT Bombay

Hostel 5, IIT Bombay: PAF this year is turning out to be a horror for the reptile community in IIT as six more causalities have been reported late on Tuesday night. The people working for PAF desperately wanted a tube light holder and they forcibly removed it from a Sophie’s room. This is what they found in the inside of the tube light holder, 6 cute little lizard eggs.

One of them was on the verge of hatching but that was not to be because of the interruption and sudden change of habitat. The poor little embryo couldn’t make it. The other 5 are currently battling for their birthdays (hatch-days may be) under strict surveillance and protection at an undisclosed location but wing authorities have confirmed that they are somewhere inside the wing and doing fine so far.

A detailed post mortem was conducted on the still unborn embryo and as shown in the photo, the embryo was in a fairly developed stage with the blood vessels and muscles almost formed with a fully grown heart and liver. Scales are just appearing on its still translucent skin. Though no official case is registered as yet but just imagine on humanitarian grounds, the plight of the poor lizard mother. The hostel G Sec was not available for comment.

courtesy GNN: gtoos news network :p
Photo courtesy: Varun Perumal
Special thanks to Soham Basu


  1. good work try to get it published in atleast one national daily.........

  2. This pic is goign to haunt me for a while... Thanks for making my already miserable day.. Worse!!! :X

  3. well you didn't see the actual post mortem pics...

  4. Hmm, someone seems to care a lot bout the reptiles... :)
    nice pics as well..

  5. What's with u? Do u really like doing this stuff or r u out of ideas for ur blog?? Anyway, listen to 'Love me like a reptile' by Motorhead from 'Ace of Spades', maybe u can relate with the song.....

  6. I am definitely not out of ideas for my blog...

    I like all these kind of stuff... I am in fact incubating the rest of the 5 eggs in my room safely wrapped in cotton for warmth


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