May 8, 2010

IPL: Perspective and English Lessons

Chapter 1: The Indian Purists League

Now that the IPL is over everyone is going to miss it not because it was better than the previous editions; not because of the exciting run chases not because of the cheer leaders or the IPL party nights but because it is better than anything else on TV!

Now that the IPL is over, everyone is going to miss it, especially the ones who hate it. Those self-styled, self-proclaimed “intellectual” cricket purists who insist that checking out the score of a test match once in two days during the office hours is much more fun than watching Shane Warne bowl to Sachin Tendulkar in an exciting run chase in a packed stadium under lights. They are definitely going to miss hating the IPL!

Some “purists” went to the extent of comparing the IPL with all its fireworks and hot girls with professional wrestling. I’ll agree that IPL is excessively commercialized, that the cheerleaders are distracting and a lot is happening off the field but the bottom line is, its only sport.

So dear purist, if you still insist it is entertainment, I think you need some perspective and English lessons… I’ll give the English lessons first :p

Chapter 2: English Lessons

Entertaining and entertainment – they are not the same words!

You see, the IPL may be entertaining but not all entertaining things qualify as entertainment. Our politicians in the Parliament put up some really entertaining shows from time to time but that doesn't mean the telecast of the parliamentary session on Doordarshan is reality TV. It's pretty much the same argument for the IPL!

For the grammatically challenged, here is a dramatic illustration ;)

Chapter 3: Perspective

P.S: Summarizing what we learned today, IPL is sport, not entertainment!

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