March 6, 2012

Scenes in a city bus

Hey, sorry for the silence again. Things are going to change soon... trust me!

In the mean time... My new post in The NRI:

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  1. Hey g2....

    after months, i stuck to the comp for more than half an hour at a stretch! 
    i was wondering if i even forgot how to blog! seriously...!!!

    about your pic; well... it is not an uncommon site in india. that reminds me - during one of our trips in the US, we were once fined 500 dollars (thank God; we escaped being behind the bars!). ask me why? for 6 of us traveling in a car (in true desi style). there, the limit is 5! 

    so, imagine... if those police guys visit India - i'm sure they die out of shock!  


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