August 23, 2008

I get nowhere...

SO... I have to say something about myself. Sometimes it is hard to introduce yourself because you know yourself so well that you do not know where to start with. When I start pouring my feelings into words, I worry that they will become the structure I give them; that my liquid essence will take shape of whatever phrases I choose, that my thoughts will be defined by the words I use, and confined to the rigid boundaries of a language unable to accommodate the fluidity of my mind; that they will be limited to one distinct avenue when a linear direction does not suffice to express these multi-variable musings. It is easier to float in the sea of my unarticulated thoughts than to build a language boat and sail on a definite course, but in allowing myself to drift at the whim of my mind's currents, I get nowhere…

i get nowhere


  1. keka...
    ilane continue aipo chepta.

  2. reading at ur text and the flow of emotions

    its more like my personal feelings at times ...

    but i was suprised to see a "fat" brain has such deep emotions also :P

    really good reading tht !!!

  3. hats off to u... that's an awesome piece of art. i really enjoyed that. and the text is, by default, very interesting. may be u shud try writing some poetry stuff or a story :).

    i have no words to describe ur art. and that's it... i will be wondering about it's beauty and u carry on ur gr8 work.

  4. Studd be!!
    itna sochta bhi hai kya!!

  5. The Godfather, Wikipedia and a post which serves as an insight into what is normally taken to be a thick, fat skull........


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