August 31, 2008


It cannot get any more frustrating... A few days back I have written an entry for the blog and saved it on my linux Desktop(I don't quite remember which one, there are four!) and was waiting for the weekend so that I can finish a sketch and post it... Now I can't find the document which has my entry for this week! May be someone deleted it or moved it somewhere else(I would've surely remembered if I did)...

Ironically the entry was about bad luck and superstitions!

If a white cat runs into a black cat... Is it a sign of bad luck for the white cat ???

P.S: In memory of c2 which I think, ran into a black cat like this before it went missing sometime during the summer.


  1. oooh u lost ur cat?? so sad .... abd lol, bad luck turned real and u lost ur document? but who else uses ur comp? frnds?

  2. hi ra mama anni mana sontham kadu ra lite tesukooooooo

  3. your fart doesn't match the art... :)
    the sketch is very good.

  4. An arbitrary post => Ruination of the value of an impressive sketch.......

  5. I sketched the cat for the blog... but it turned out to be my best so far...

  6. The sketch is beautiful... btw the reason i posted is i have seen c2 in h2 sometime back..

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