May 24, 2009

An interesting Picasa Album...

I've been looking at a LOT of Picasa albums lately thanks to all my friends scattered all around the globe but in most cases, I barely go through the albums because they were either too long or because I am not able to catch the mood because there are no captions or comments.

This is a feeble attempt to make a rather long album more interesting...

permanent link to the album can be found here
Please give feed back on what you think.


  1. Worth the effort my friend! ;)

  2. WOW! thats a cool way to make ppl see the album! u wrote all those "subtitles" at the bottom? :)

    did u edit each pic, or picasa has some movie making abilities too? :)

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  4. and yeah, ofcourse, cant miss commenting on the TRIP now can we? :D

    beaches are all fine but there arent any T**less females :P

    and that big bike at the end was cooool. wonder how much it weighed? can a normal man ride it? :)

  5. Ravi Teja, here's me clearing all your doubts :)

    Yes, I wrote the commentary myself.

    No, I did not edit any pics, I just exported the whole album as a slide show.

    No, It is still pretty cold here, around 14 degrees in the afternoon, so don't expect any swimsuits yet :p

    and the bike... this is the standard bike the police use here and is quite comfortable for riding long distances.

  6. I've tagged you for the "7 random things" meme


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