October 26, 2009

The Pigeon Fool Principle

Chapter 1: Somewhere in IIT

A little while back, I was walking around close to some building with a friend and something fell on her shoulder. She reacted with the saddest “Eww”, worrying about her (then white) shirt whereas I looked up to find the culprit. I found a couple of pigeons flying around and one guy on the third floor corridor holding a hand kerchief. We assumed it was the pigeons (as it happens quite often). The whole incident killed the pleasant conversation we were having so I thought it would be a good idea to put forward my theory to raise the spirits.

Chapter 2: The Hypothesis

My theory was that it could well have been the guy who is blowing his nose who did it. The pigeons just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. I was arguing, rather animatedly, that my hypothesis could be correct. The more I thought it through, the more I was convinced that it had to be the fool blowing his nose and not the shitting pigeons.
She desperately wanted it to be the pigeons that she was giving arguments that make just as much sense as religious fanatics when they talk about their religion. All I can say is that she did not take it in the right way and it definitely did not raise the spirits. Soon things “blew” out of proportion and I was in deep “shit”.

Chapter 3: The Pigeon-Fool principle

Life is all about making difficult choices and you are about to take one now. There is no way you can escape from this situation. You have two and only two options available. Both of them happen to be awful (but that is life) and you have to make a decision.

P.S: the poll is completely anonymous and you can vote more than once if you have strong feelings towards one of the options :p

A day in the Life of a Shrink


  1. pigeon! @ NITIE we had this pigeon legend..

    the more the pigeon shit that you take, the more lucky you become..in terms of a pre-placement offer (PPO)..

    so much so that we named the main road that leads from the gate to the hostels and the academic section as the PPO road..obviously that road bestowed the greatest luck on students !! :P


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