March 15, 2010

WWE: The girls hostel at IIT Bombay (part 1 of 3)

Before you fantasize a whole bunch of cat fights, WWE stands for Worst Website Ever! (suckers :p). Now that you have been successfully deceived  into clicking on the link to this page, just keep reading.

What is common between a professor in computer science, the girls hostel in IIT Bombay and the Son of God, Jesus? All the three have the worst websites EVER!

gtoosphere is proud to present a sneak peek into probably the worst website hosted in IIT Bombay (and possibly in all of IITs). We are talking about Hostel 10's website. For beginners, Hostel 10 is the undergraduate girls hostel in IIT Bombay. 

This is the landing page of the website. The horrible template coupled with the terrible color combination along with awful abuse of fonts and a depressing finish makes me want to say only one thing to the girls. "Not cool!"

I barely recovered from the shock of the landing page and I found myself in the "CULT" page... and I can assure you, this is nothing short of legend!

This is the point my eyes became numb towards colors, fonts and all possible artistic parameters and I "blindly" clicked the Photography and Fine Arts page and I was like... "Aww.. My eyes... my eyes...!!!"

That was it.. I could take it no more. If you think you can, here is the url:

Note: The views expressed by the author are not his own but of the general public.

P.S: Celebrating the 36th day of my new (fairly good looking) template and over 10,000 page views to my blog :) Thank you.

P.P.S: ఉగాది శుభాకాంక్షలు


  1. yaar...atleat it should look decent.....see hostel 4 website....

  2. The laya out of web site look so congested it should be more attractive. Over all good site

  3. They feel as if they have failed in succeeding as a woman if they are not married. The countryside is littered with small chapels geared for just this purpose.

  4. This youth hostel offer to their guests far more than an inexpensive overnight stay. Beside small cosy old buildings or the experience in castles and residences you also find many houses in scenic delightful environments as well as in large cities.

  5. This hostel for girls. are set partly one above the other. That gives free area for the list of 15 beds. ... each camp place consists of a tautly with straw plugged bag and cushion, 2 sheets and a blanket... each child is stopped to bring its camp place back in order finely neat.

  6. Btw, the website is much better looking now. They seem to have taken your criticism positively. But there are more problems now than before... Most their links are missing! :P

  7. Oh forgot to mention.. Nenu mee pedda fan! Thanks for keeping me entertained while I'm in office. :)

  8. yeah.. glad that they have improved :)


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