April 7, 2010

Dont use the P-words

Chapter one: The Offensive Poll

I ran into a poll by BBC which wanted to determine the list of ten most offensive words to use towards people with disabilities. Guess what is third on the list? Disabled! I understand opposition for words like "cripple" and "nigger" but if a person with disability is actually offended by the word disabled, I seriously wonder how he gets on with life as it is! If you are forced to describe a poor, blind, homeless man as an economically disadvantaged, visually challenged person with flexible residence, then something is seriously very wrong with the world!

George Costanza, the differently haired, differently tall,
gravitationally challenged, differently successful and
differently quick witted friend of Jerry Seinfeld in Seinfeld 
Incidents like these reinforce my belief that political correctness (PC) is nothing but putting a handicap disabilitydifferent ability” on language! Incidents like these  support my theory that political correctness (like Feminism) has been hijacked by a few bitter self-appointed vigilantes imposing their views on others.

Speaking of political correctness activists, who are they to decide what is correct and what is incorrect. How dare they even use the word “incorrect”? As an occasionally politically correct person, I demand that the word “politically incorrect” henceforth be replaced by the word “politically differently correct”!

Chapter two: The Ghosts of our Time

Don’t you see the conspiracy behind the whole political correctness movement? The corporations which control the mainstream media are slowly brainwashing the whole young generation into a culture of political correctness and tolerance so that in the future, they (the corporations) can get away with anything by using sweet politically correct words that blunt reality. So in the future, if we protest against them, they will call it a hate speech and if we don’t agree with them, they will brand us as intolerant.

This way the international bankers who fund the corporations want to control the people with their linguistic fascist whip of political correctness! (I never realized that writing a Zeitgeist movie can be this easy!)

Free Unsolicited for the week: Don't use the P-words because they are for wusses.
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P.S: Inspired by the works of George Carlin and an article by Son of Bosey

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